Banned from MailChimp?

Email with confidence using SendList

Sometimes perfect lists aren’t possible

In a perfect world email lists would be grown organically and tended to with the utmost care. However, in real life, lead capture and list generation is not always a perfect science and the health of a list can be questionable at best. False email submissions, errors, expired contacts and spam traps can sabotage a list and scuttle your campaign efforts at launch.

What if the list is as good as it’s going to get?

Sometimes you just need to send the email. You have a list in hand generated from your CRM and the task is to send the email. What are you going to do?

MailChimp Account Suspended or Sending Disabled?

Has Mailchimp blocked your emails due to a high bounce rate and/or complaint rate? Per the MailChimp acceptable use policy they will take action when the abuse complaints threshold is deemed unacceptable. Unfortunately this results in limiting or disabling your service.

Good News! SendList is the answer!

We understand that not every list is going to be perfectly manicured. Lists can be messy but you should still be able to send with confidence and not fear the outcome.

SendList works with industry leading email validation services to clean the list as part of the sending process to ensure maximum deliverability and minimum bounce and complaint rates. This streamlined process gives you the ability to send with confidence and focus on the message.

SendList is Easy

Sending emails with us is as simple as:
  1. Upload list
  2. Paste in HTML (you can even copy your code over from MailChimp)
  3. Press send (then watch your open rate go up from your dashboard)

Built for Individuals or Teams

Controlling access is simple.

SendList provides user and project level management in addition to carbon copy and attachments to ensure SendList can fit your needs.

Built for the List

SendList is not an email marketing platform. It’s built specifically to get your email message to your recipients that you have stored in a spreadsheet. Here’s what makes us different:
Email Marketing Platform
Cost Per Email Address
Monthly costs increase as you upload more addresses. Even if you only an address once, it will count towards your total unless you manually delete it.
Pay a one-time validation cost when you upload addresses. Store as many addresses as you want without additional recurring cost.
Basic validation (removing role-based addresses, etc.). Highly ineffective.
Third-party validation via industry leader ZeroBounce cleaning up bounces, and spam traps / abuse emails.
List Management
Email Template Management
Campaign Management
Carbon Copy
Project Level Management
User Level Management

Whether you’re a marketing agency, nonprofit, or client side – we’d love to work with you to get your messages into the mailboxes of those who matter to you.

And, we can even save you money at the same time!

Ways SendList is being used today:

  1. Sending emails to a database of addresses stored in Salesforce.
  2. Sending invitations to a list of attendees of one-time events.
  3. Sending last minute instructions to attendees of online courses.

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